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Marucci Grip

Art. nr. 30840001


1.00 mm



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This grip has become an instant favorite in the game of baseball for its comfortability and tackiness. It’s become so popular over the last few years that Marucci has now expanded the grip availability to 26 different flavors. From solid to digi camo and their signature “marble” style, this Marucci Bat Grip also comes in three different sizes for your personal choice: 1.00mm and 1.75mm. With a technology that creates a durable, tacky, slip-resistant grip that can either be thin, middle ground or thick for extra comfort, it’s no wonder Marucci struck gold with their bat grip.

  • Marucci Baseball / Softball Bat Grip
  • Increased Durability
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Reduced Vibration
  • Slip-Resistant in Wet or Dry Conditions
  • Available in .50mm, 1.00mm and 1.75mm.
  • 1.75mm is the stock grip on all Marucci aluminum bats.
Marucci Grip
Art. nr. 30840001