Gilman 1 Man Sled Tackleback - Bod Pad Blue - Forelle American Sports Equipment

Gilman 1 Man Sled Tackleback - Bod Pad Blue

Art. nr. 54250021
€ 1.550,00

All of football comes down to beating your man one-on-one: block or tackle. To play the game you must be able to block the man in front of you or tackle a man in the open field. There's no cheating on the 1-MAN SLED. It's one man against the machine. No teammates to help out. Either execute the block or get knocked on your tail. Make a tackle or fall to your knees. Blocking the 1- man teaches hip explosion, hand thrust and body leverage. Tackling the 1-Man develops arm wram, leg drive and upper body strength. The sled demands second effort, boosts self confidence and makes good form a habit. Transport costs on request! Attention: the sled comes with a bodpad instead of the cylinder shown in the image.




Transport cost are on request. Equipment is too heavy to be shipped through regular channels. The salesteam will forward you a proforma.

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