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Gilman Combo Shield

Art. nr. 54250023
€ 160,00

The COMBO SHIELD is a two-way shield. Facing one way, it’s a vertical shield. Flip it over and turn it around and it’s a horizontal shield. With the handles located on the side, the bag can be pulled tight to the body to create a more solid blocking surface. The bag has better support against your body than it does when being held in space by your hands. It’s more ''user friendly'' and easier to hold. When held vertically, it’s great for pass blocking because it teaches a tight punch. When held horizontally, it’s great for run blocking because the increased width allows double team and combo blocks. Both sides of the shield have landmark jersey numbers to establish aiming points. Measures 5½'' thick by 20'' wide by 30'' long. Four handles. Transport costs on request!

  • Cover: 18oz. vinyl-coated polyester
  • Colors: Red Blue or Yellow
  • Core: Solid Polyether foam
  • Weight: 6 lbs.