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GSI Performance L2 Levels Bag

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The Levels Bag is part of The GSI Performance Technical Training Range and can be used in isolation or as part of the full system of products.

This piece of equipment has been specifically designed to isolate accurate body height and the immediate tackle follow-up technique of body shape, strong stance and balance in and out of the tackle action. As a player, using this piece of equipment helps train accurate body height, arm wrap, reaction speed & balance.

The bag can be used to develop a single, or double, player contact depending on what defensive tackle techniques are required to train, and on what level of bag is used.

  • 85cm x 34cm. Weight: 11kg
  • Coaches should require that players approach the bag from different angles and speeds – do not always give the player a straight approach to the bag i.e. hit ground and up, hit ground and roll then back to feet, get the player to evade then make the hit… never make it easy! The key coaching point on The Levels Bag, is we want the player to make an accurate initial contact with the bag at the height they are training on, strong wrap and drive to finish the tackle.
  • Coaches can train the straight hit or fatigue the player first then carry out the tackle so that the hit puts the player’s skills under pressure.
  • Players should keep eyes on the target all the way through the initial hit, strong arm clamp and initial shoulder contact, grip work then lock in. On making the connection with the levels bag drive the bag backwards with strong leg-drive and cleats always working in the grass
  • As a coach, look for speed of movement of the player using their “acceleration feet” after the tackle, look to keep hips low and square and finish the tackle off – don’t slip off!
  • Make sure the players connect with same foot same shoulder with feet correct width apart to bring about outstanding stability and balance in controlling their own body weight throughout entry into and out of the tackle.
  • Coaches can call different commands relating to the player wrapping the bag. The width, height and weight of the bag has been purposely designed to make the practice difficult and game-like – this ensures that when you go into “live” practice the movements are easier.
  • Make sure the players work on different wrap techniques on the bag and always finish in a strong end position.
  • The levels bags have been designed at L1, L2 and L3 tackle contact heights and each bag is weighted differently.
GSI Performance L2 Levels Bag
Art. nr. 54258007