Adams TPGP-ARJOP-D - Forelle American Sports Equipment


Art. nr. 57100064
€ 15,00

positions: LB-Lineman

Facemask fits on: Adams A2000, Bike Pro Edition & Grid Star, Riddell VSR-4, Adams A-one, Schutt II. 

Other colours available on request. Ask your salesperson for information and delivery times.

Facemask might slightly differ from shown picture. Helmet not included

Facemask comes WITHOUT hardware





All facemasks come WITHOUT a hardware set

360-series facemasks only fit the Riddell 360 Helmet

S-series facemasks only fit the Riddell Speed Helmet

G-series facemasks only fit the Riddell Revolution and Attack Helmets. G-series Small facemasks only fit Riddell Helmets in size small

Rawlings S02 and P03 facvemask fit the Rawlings Quantum and the Rawlings Impulse helmets.

Z-series facemasks and all other facemasks fit the Rawlings Quantum Helmet, The Riddell VSR-4 and VSR-2Y, the Adams Y4, A4, A2010, A2000 and A3000 helmets

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