The evolution of our logo

On this page you'll see the evolution of our logo. Only the real OG's will know the first one! The 'fishbowl' logo was the first ever logo of Forelle. It was developed prior to our establishment in 1961. We've used this logo for over 40 years! We see you calculating.. 1961 -> 2021? YES! We're having an anniversay this year! Stay tuned..

Our second and current logo was developed in the mid 2000's. Well, honestly it's our third logo because it has undergone a minor cosmetic change. Originally the left bat was an icehockey stick. We changed it when we stopped selling ice hockey equipment. One of the main purposes of our current logo was to create recognition about the sports that we sell. In Dutch 'forel' actually means trout so you could imagine what kind of phone calls we got!


Say hello to the new 2021 logo of Forelle! 
We went for a more simple and flat design #lessismore. Different style elements represent the safety that the equipment provides, the speed of the game and the American flag. It's for the first time that we took the Forelle logo apart and created separated brand logo and brand name.

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The evolution of our logo - Forelle American Sports Equipment