Riddell Speed Helmets Special Offer | 10 Sets For only ‚ā¨1999,-!

Take advantage of this limited time offer and provide your team with new Riddell Speed Helmets! 

  • 10 Riddell Speed Helmets
  • 10 Riddell Speed Face masks


All together now for only €1999,-!

You can choose from Speed Helmets in the size S, M, L or XL and ALL available colours.

The eligible face masks are: Riddell S2BD-SP (R94921SP8)Riddell S2BDC-SP (R94921SP3)Riddell S2EG-II-SP (R94921SP9)Riddell S2B-SP (R94921SP1)Riddell S3BD-SP (R94921SP7)Riddell S3BD (R94975) in ALL available colours.

If there are no more facemasks available in the correct colour. The following masks can be added at extra cost.

Standard price €90,00 special offer €25,00

  • Riddell S2BDC-HT-LW (R94921SP10) Art. nr. 57190702
  • Riddell S2BDC-TX-LW (R94921SP11) Art. nr. 57190711
  • Riddell S2EG-SW-SP (R94921SP5) Art. nr. 57190701
  • Riddell S2BD-SW-SP (R94921SP4) Art. nr. 57190703
  • Riddell S2B-SW-SP (R94921SP2) Art. nr. 57190705
  • Riddell S3BDU-SP (R94921SP6) Art. nr. 57190710

Standard price €98,45 (inculding hardware set) special offer €40,00

  • Riddell S-Bar HS4 Facemask Mounting Kit (R455914) Art. nr. 57195051
  • Riddell S2B-HS4 (961759) Art. nr. 57190715
  • Riddell S2BD-HS4 (961914) Art. nr. 57190716
  • Riddell S2EG-II-HS4 (961757) Art. nr. 57190717
  • Riddell S2BDC-HS4 (961910) Art. nr. 57190718

Prices are incl. VAT and excl. shipping.

The special offer lasts from October 5th - October 31th, as long as stock is available.

To place an order or a quotation, please contact Teun Crijns via t.crijns@forelle.com or call via +31475334560. Always mention the requested sizes, colours and models.

The offer can't be combined with other discounts.


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Riddell Speed Helmets Special Offer | 10 Sets For only ‚ā¨1999,-! - Forelle American Sports Equipment