Get the official DBV balls at Forelle!

If you're looking for an official game ball then you might come across the Benson LGB1 and Benson LGB12Y. These balls are the official baseball and softball of the DBV, the Deutscher Baseball & Softball Verband.

Did you know that this isn't the first time that Forelle supplies the official game ball of the German baseball league? Yes it's true! In the past the Benson LGB1 has had this title before.

These Offizieller spielball 2022 des DBV are made from leather with red stitching. The LGB1 baseball has the following specs:

  • Leather game ball
  • Red cushioned cork center
  • Red stitch
  • White genuine leather cover
  • High seam
  • Official size / 9 inch

And the LGB12Y softball has these specs:

  • Leather game ball
  • 12'' polyurethane core
  • Red stitch
  • Yellow split leather cover
  • High seam COR: 0.47
  • Official size / 12 inch

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Get the official DBV balls at Forelle! - Forelle American Sports Equipment