A European Football league is set to return this summer!

A new league called "The European League of Football" will be launched soon.

We are pleased to hear that a new competition is being launched for European American Football. Since the beginning, many people have invested in a American Football League for Europe. Often things have changed in the leagues for Europe.


The first competition in which Europe was involved was 'The World League of Football', also known as the WLAF. The WLAF was founded in 1989. In this competition, seven teams were selected from North America and three teams from Europe. The two highest qualified teams face each other in the final what was called the ‘World Bowl’. This competition only lasted for two seasons. This ensured that there were no competitions for the European teams in 1993 and 1994.

In 1995, the WLAF returned with a new competition that selected six teams, all from Europe. This league was renamed the NFL Europe League in 1998. This competition lasted until 2007. NFL Europe was founded with the intention of expanding American Football into an international market outside the United States. On September 11, 2006, NFL Europe was renamed to ‘NFL Europa’ and on June 29, 2007, it was announced that NFL Europa was disbanded due to losses of 30 million per season. This was announced by the NFL officials.

In addition, another competition was organized. This was called the BIG6. This was the most prominent competition. This was a tournament only for the teams from Europe and was originally organized by the EFAF (European Federation of American Football). This tournament runned since 2015. The final of this competition was called the ‘Eurobowl’. The last BIG6 competition took place in 2018.

European League of Football

SEH Sports & Entertainment is a company founded by Zeljko Karajica. This was the former director of the German broadcaster ProSiebenSat. 1. Zeljko Karajica has plans to expand the ELF to 20 teams in 10 countries after its opening season in 2021. With this, ELF wants to fill up the void that was created when the NFL left back in 2007.

SHE Sports & Entertainment has selected eight international locations for the ELF. Of these, six will take place in Germany. These will take place in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hildesheim / Hanover and Ingolstadt. One will take place in Wroclaw in Poland and one in Barcelona in Spain.

Together the ELF wants to make a difference in the communities in Europe. The ELF wants to connect all communities with the millions of fans that are active in Europe. The ELF will start in the summer of 2021. Patrick Esume is the man who represents the European League of Football. Patrick Esume is a coach, old American football player and presentator.

With the ELF concept, the best teams in Europe will compete against each other. Eventually there will be an exciting final from which one team will be crowned as European Champion. Several teams have already been revealed that will compete in ELF. These are the Ingolstadt Praetorians, Stuttgart Scorpions, German Knights 1367 Niedersachsen and Wrocław Panthers. It also has been announced that a player will be returning from the NFL. This is Chris Ezeala. He will play for Ingolstadt Praetorians.

Where can you watch the European League of Football?

ELF want to make it possible for every fan to watch the ELF for free. That is why ELF will talk to all partners in the market to show highlights and top games on the subject of Free TV. ELF will make sure that everyone will be able to see the highlights, games and archives. And that fans always will have the opportunity to stay up to date about the league.

Forelle is very excited about the return of another international league to Europe. We can’t wait to find out who’s going to emerge as the first Champion and what this league is going to mean for European Football in the Future.

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