American Football

NCAA College Football


College football is one of the most popular sports in the USA. College football goes way back. It all started with a game between Rutgers University versus the College of New Jersey in 1869. There were no written college football rules at this time. Rules were introduced in 1876 in Springfield. These rules were written by a lot of representatives from colleges.

Between now and then, a lot of things changed. There were 25 players per team in the beginning and you weren’t allowed to pick up the ball. Now, 11 players per team are allowed on the field and you can not only kick the ball, but throw it as well.

In the NCAA division, there are 130 teams at the moment. The University of Notre Dame is the most famous college football team. The universities in Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Cincinnati, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Oregon, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Coastal Carolina, Wake Forest, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Miami, Florida state, Texas, Florida are examples of college teams in the NCAA division.

The first college football game on the radio was played on October 8 in 1921. Furthermore, the first college football game on television was on September 30 in 1939. There were approximately 500 to 5000 viewers. These dates are big milestones in the history of college football.

Between 1939 and 1962, there were no instant replays on television. This changed in 1963. A touchdown was the first fragment that was shown over again.


College football have almost the same rules as the NFL, but there are some differences. The biggest differences are the professional players in the NFL and the amateur players in college football. College football players aren’t getting paid.

Furthermore, in college football, the receiver needs to have one foot down unlike two in the NFL when catching the ball. Also, the two-points conversion start on the third yard line in college football in contrast to the two-yard line in NFL.

In the NFL, there is a time-out 2 minutes before the end of each half. In college football, there isn’t. If in college football somebody touches the ground with anything else then their hands or feet, the play is over.

The game clock stops in college football after the first down. In the NFL, the clock doesn’t stop. This gives college football teams more chance to pull back from behind.

Last but not least, when there is a tie in college football the game continues till there is a winner. Except from a playoff game, a tie in the NFL stays a tie.


You can choose which college football team you want on your Wilson ball. There are a lot of college football teams available. Who doesn’t want a ball with the colours of your favourite school.


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