Xenith Pro Varsity Skill (VPS) XL Size
Xenith Pro Varsity Skill (VPS) XL Size
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Xenith Pro Varsity Skill (VPS) XL Size
Xenith Pro Varsity Skill (VPS) XL Size

Xenith Pro Varsity Skill (VPS) XL Size

Art. nr. 5815000500002
Brand: Xenith
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Product description

Unrivaled Performance: Experience a perfect blend of safety and durability, all wrapped up in Xenith's All-Purpose Shoulder Pads. Our product boasts an ergonomic design and a pro-level design that guarantees top-notch performance and exceptional shock-absorption. Relish the adaptability of our adjustable fit and the liberty of movement provided by our lightweight build.

* Advanced Features: Xenith's All-Purpose Shoulder Pads are equipped with an energy management system for optimal breathability, adjustable channel pads for personalized comfort, and quick-change body padding for ultimate versatility. These features guarantee unmatched style & comfort while ensuring superior impact protection.

* Additional Attributes: Our product also features comfort-lined arches and compression molded arches that boost flexibility. Our shoulder pads are constructed with blacked-out hardware, lending a sleek touch to your protective gear while preserving its robust structure.

* User Instructions: For optimal results, make sure that the adjustable channel pads are tailored to your body shape. The quick-change body padding can be adjusted to match your comfort level. Always ensure that the comfort-lined arches are correctly aligned with your shoulders for maximum mobility.

* The Xenith Promise: As a reliable brand in the Sports & Outdoors category, Xenith is dedicated to delivering products that prioritize safety, durability, and superior performance. We take pride in the design and manufacturing of high-quality sports gear that enhances your game while offering unparalleled comfort.

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