How do I buy the correct Baseball Pitchers Glove

It all starts with the right glove. How are you going to throw three outs with an open web?

As a pitcher, you eat strikeouts for breakfast. You can’t stop thinking about them and handing them out in bulk packaging to the opposition. You need to focus on the ball, your grip on the ball and need to have reflexes as fast as lightning. We have divided the pitchers glove into three important parts. Use this Buying Guide wisely in order to find the suited glove for you as a pitcher.



There is always a choice between different webs, an open web or a closed web. A closed web is perfect for the pitcher position. A closed web means that the space between the index finger and thumb is completely covered and you can’t look through it. This means that the batter doesn’t know what kind of pitch is coming. This makes it easier for you as a pitcher to throw strikeouts.


These gloves might have the least amount of padding of all positions on the field. They fit snuggly on the hand and have probably the best and comfortable fit amongst the other gloves. These glove is produced to handle easy throws back from the catcher and an occasional line drive.

These gloves are often very light. Make sure that the glove is actually a glove and not a training weight attached to your arm. It is important that the glove is not blocking your full potential during pitching.


Last but not least is the sizing. These gloves also come in youth and adult sizes. As a youth pitcher aged 12 and under, you should pick a glove with a size between 11.5” and 11.75”. The strap on the back of the glove can still be tightened for a more personal and comfortable fit.

Adult gloves, for players aged 12 and up, normally have a size from 11.5” to 12”. This one is also adjustable for a more personalized feel and fit.

Now go out there, select your perfect glove and be ready to throw them strikeouts.