Jugs PS50 BB/SB Machine (M2150)

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JUGS PS50—the introductory-level pitching machine with the JUGS name behind it. It throws regulation size and weight baseballs and 11" or 12" Softballs.

  • NEW DIGITAL READOUT DISPLAY: Set your JUGS PS50™ to throw at the exact speed you desire—up to 50 mph. With its digital readout display, you decide what precise speed is best for your players.
  • CONSISTENT PERFECT STRIKES: PS50 field tests have shown that the majority of all balls thrown are not only strikes, but perfect strikes. This makes the PS50 the most accurate, portable, real-ball pitching machine of its kind.
  • VERSATILITY: The PS50 comes complete with a 9" chute for baseball and a 12" chute for fastpitch and slowpitch softball as well as adjustable legs. That way you see pitches thrown from a realistic point for both sports.
  • Throws these ball types: The JUGS PS50™ Pitching Machine throws 11" or 12" Softballs, Baseballs, Sting-Free® baseballs—dimpled and seam, Sting-Free® softballs—dimpled and seam, tennis balls, Lite-Flite® baseballs and softballs, SOFTIE® softballs and baseballs, LeatherLast™ Softballs, and the JUGS Pearl®.
  • Consistently throws perfect strikes—up to 50 mph!
  • The PS50 is great for baseball and fastpitch softball. It even throws perfect arcing tosses for slowpitch softball.
  • Throws real baseballs and softballs, JUGS Pearl, JUGS LeatherLast™ Softballs, Sting-Free baseballs and softballs, Lite-Flite baseballs and softballs, Softie baseballs and softballs and Bulldog polyballs.
  • Special non-marking pneumatic tire. 
  • Patented “Always see the ball delivery system.
  • Throws fly balls and ground balls.
  • 35 lb. solid-steel construction.
  • Runs on 220-volt 
  • 1 year warranty.

Click here to download the manual for the Jugs PS50 BB/SB Machine.


Jugs PS50 BB/SB Machine (M2150)
Art. nr. 34085004