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Evoshield WTV572690 Pro SRZ 2.0 Leg Guard RHH

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Go all in at the plate with the Pro-SRZ™ 2.0 Batter’s Leg Guard, uniquely innovative batter’s protection crafted with a pair of form-fitting Gel-to-Shell® Technology shields to ensure a custom fit on the lead leg. Ideal for all levels of play, the updated Pro-SRZ™ 2.0 Batter’s Leg Guard protects the lead leg and the top of the foot from foul balls and pitches in the dirt. The lightweight design transforms from a flexible material out of the package to ball-deflecting shields in minutes, ensuring a truly custom fit. The guard mirrors the ergonomic contours of the leg for a fit that won’t impede your stride or running ability. Iridescent accents, a 3D cloud mesh base material, a stunning new Sand color option and enhanced design upgrade this protective leg guard so you can play All In.

  • Right hand hitter
  • New Ergonomic Design: Engineered for a more personalized fit and maximum protection
  • Gel-To-Shell® Technology: Air activated material that transforms the guard from a malleable gel into a customized, form-fitting shield in minutes
  • Dispersion Technology: Spreads force across the surface of the guard, minimizing felt pressure on the point of impact
  • Custom Molded Gear: All Gel-to-Shell® products give the player a truly customized, one-to-one fit
  • Comfort Mesh: Mesh material on interior of guard provides additional comfort and moisture wicking properties
  • Leg Guard Coverage: [8.5" W x 12" H], extending to protect inner ankle
  • Leg Guard Selection: Choose RHH for right-handed hitters (worn on LEFT leg) and LHH for left-handed hitters (worn on RIGHT leg)
Evoshield WTV572690 Pro SRZ 2.0 Leg Guard RHH
Art. nr. 30960036