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Cutters B776 Compression Wrist Guard

Art. nr. 30220002
€ 18,00

Protection at the plate or in the field.  The Ultra Compression Wrist Guard with a removable impact shield, rotates around the wrist for batting or fielding.  Providing secure compression fit and lightweight flexible protection that contours with your wrist.  Flexible impact shield is vented for breathability and is flexible, not rigid, so it will contour with the shape of your wrist.  No molding required. 

  • Compression Performance Wrist Guard allows full range of motion
  • N-Tex Vented Neoprene for compression and ventilation
  • Removable flexible impact shield for protection that does not require molding
  • Inside pocket design secures impact shield from slipping
  • Used for Batting and Fielding
  • Sold as single