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All Star BHFPV-1 Vela Fastpitch Cage

Art. nr. 30090007


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The ergonomic profile of the bottom edge will nto interfere with swing mechanics. The lightweight I-Bar Vision steel cage provides a well balanced, durable, and light weight cage that will not shift forward while swinging or running the bases.

Compatible with all BH3500, BH3000, and BH3010 helmets, this low profile and ergonomic face mask is designed specifically for the sport of fast pitch softball.  Excelling in optimal lightweight protection, its unique design allows for maximum vision and range of motion. Whether you are batting or running the bases, this mask will provide you with the protection you need and the comfort you desire.

  • Designed explicitly for use with a 11" or 12" softball
  • Not to be used in Baseball play
  • Lightweight design
  • I-Bar Vision design
  • Chin strap included
  • NOCSAE Approved
  • Fits All-Star BH3500, BH3000 and BH3010 series helmets
  • The shown helmet is not included
All Star BHFPV-1 Vela Fastpitch Cage
Art. nr. 30090007