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Rawlings MA07S LHB Adjustable Face Guard

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As the Official Batting Helmet of MLB, we put them through rigorous R&D and testing to enhance their performance. For the last few seasons, we've worked with players across the majors who all have different preferences on how they wear their face guard extension. This led to our latest innovative helmet design! 

The 2022 Mach Adjust left handed batting helmet was meticulously engineered to give players added coverage for greater confidence at the plate. Its new, adjustable design features 9 different settings from low to high. As a result, you get the perfect blend of performance and visibility, without sacrificing coverage. The 2-piece adapter/flap combination allows you to set the EXT wherever is most comfortable for you, so you can stay focused on each pitch. The guard is easily adjustable too, so you can move it up or down at a moment's notice. If you bat left handed, this helmet is perfect for you.

These Mach adjust batting helmets are also equipped with Impax foam padding which absorbs and disperses force, and withstands multiple impacts as well. In addition, the moisture wicking liner and wrapped jaw pads provide optimal comfort and fit too. Go to bat with greater confidence when you put on your Mach Adjustable helmet.

Tested by pros, the 2022 Mach Adjust left handed batting helmet will change your game.

  • Compatible with ADJEXT / MEXT2 accessory piece
  • Design: 2-piece adapter/flap combination offers player specific coverage leading to enhanced visibilty at the plate. Adjust quickly on the fly through multiple position settings for custom fit. Easily removeable.
  • Performance: Equipped with IMPAX foam technology which absorbs/disperses force and withstand through multiple impacts
  • Visibilty: 9 adjustable settings provide player with enhanced blend of performance and visibilty without sacrificing coverage
  • Fit/Comfort: Moisture wicking liner with wrapped jaw pads
Rawlings MA07S LHB Adjustable Face Guard
Art. nr. 37035015