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Rawlings PRO125SB-18GW 12,5 Inch

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LH = Left Hand Catch

RH = Right Hand Catch

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The 12.5 inch Rawlings fastpitch softball glove is made from our ultra-premium Heart of the Hide steer-hide leather so you get a high performance glove that lasts through any practice and game conditions. Whether you're an outfielder or a pitcher, the basket web will give you the confidence you need to dominate every inning.

In addition, it's grey and white design give a sleek, classy look that's sure to be a hit in your dugout. Form the perfect pocket in no time, and find out why so many college and pro players choose Heart of the Hide gloves.

Softball players can expect the same quality in Rawlings Heart of the Hide® softball gloves that they have come to appreciate for baseball. Extensive research with Rawlings Advisory Schools developed a variety of options and patterns to improve control and player performance for any position. 

  • Double-Laced Basket Web®
  • Pull-Strap Back
  • Heart of the Hide Softball
  • Quality full-grain leather for enhanced durability
  • Zero Shock™ palm padding for impact protection
  • Improved fit with pull-strap closures
  • Quick, easy break-in for a game-ready feel
  • Colour: Grey

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Rawlings PRO125SB-18GW 12,5 Inch
Art. nr. 36032503