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Rawlings RGGCM43MO 34 Inch

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The culmination of 130 years of Rawlings’ glove-making craftsmanship, the Rawlings Gold Glove® series delivers the ultimate in playability and feel, inspiring a new generation of defensive excellence. #GoldGlove

  • FLAWLESS KIP LEATHER - Ultra-premium Pro Preferred® Kip leather for the unparalleled feel, quality and performance that the game' biggest stars demand.
  • PRO PATTERNS - Gameday patterns trusted by the pros available for every position.
  • HAND CRAFTED, INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED - Each Gold Glove is carefully handcrafted by the most experienced master-craftsmen and individually numbered with their initials and the date the glove was built.
  • 100% WOOL PADDING - Carefully selected for its ability to form and maintain the perfect pocket.
  • LUXURY MEETS PERFORMANCE - Pro features and attention to detail you'll feel every time this glove is on your hand.
  • CALFSKIN LINING - Ultra-comfortable calfskin wicks moisture away, keeping your hand dry for improved control.
  • WOOL WRIST STRAP - All-natural, 100% wool wrist stap provides lasting comfort in all conditions.
  • PADDED THUMB SLEEVE - Superior comfort and unrivaled support at any position or level of play.
  • HAND-SEWN WELTING - Often reserved for the pros, this provides a smoother surface inside the glove for optimal feel and control.
  • EYE-CATCHING STYLE - A deep, rich mocha color with premium gold accents reserved for the absolute best are the finishing touches for this rare combination of fine craftsmanship, performance, and durability.
  • THE FINEST IN THE FIELD™ - Baseball's best aspire to win a Rawlings Gold Glove Award®. The Gold Glove series is meticulously crafted to embody everything that it means to be considered The Finest in the Field™.
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