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All Star LG912S7X Young System 7 Axis Pro Legguards (9-12)

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If All Star can allow an athlete to focus more on what is happening on the field than how their equipment is fitting, they have done their job.  Catching equipment should not be a distraction, but rather empower athletes with superhuman abilities to move in the most demanding and aggressive ways. 

The S7 Axis™ leg guards with the LINQ™ hinge system do exactly that.  Put them on and forget that you have them on.  Completely distraction free performance.  And gone are the days of straps digging into the backs of your knees, leg guards rolling off your leg while blocking, or jamming into your thigh as you run down the line.  The S7 Axis™ leg guards will help you bring your game to the next level.

Simply put, these are the best leg guards ever developed. Inspired by motocross leg guards, the LINQ™ pivoting hinge allows a catcher to strap these on and completely forget about them. When blocking and running down the basepath, the S7 AXIS™ leg guards move hand in hand with how legs bend.

  • LINQ™ hinge system for the best mobility
  • Single top strap remains behind thigh without dropping behind back of the knee
  • Reinforced front double knee protector straps for added durability for indoor workouts
  • Wider and smoother knee for better pivoting and sliding
  • Repositionable center knee pads with D3O® padding
  • Diamond vents line the back for even more weight reduction and breathability
  • Stainless steel matte black hardware
  • LENGTH: 13.5"

Click here for the All Star catcher equipment size chart.

All Star LG912S7X Young System 7 Axis Pro Legguards (9-12)
Art. nr. 34090102