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Louisville WTLBBS621B3 BBCOR Solo 6 21 (-3)

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Speed is IN R DNA. The 2021 Solo (-3) returns with its signature balanced, light-swinging feel and iconic alloy sound. The superlight one-piece Premium SL Hyper Alloy barrel design gives players a massive sweet spot and maximum pop, thanks to its thinner wall design. The SPD Composite End Cap allows for increased swing speed and pairs perfectly with the ultra-balanced swing weight so you have a bat ready to rip through the zone. Step into the box with one of the most versatile BBCOR bats on the market, a perfect model for everyone from the young, aspiring BBCOR hitter to the advanced player looking to benefit from some extra swing speed in a one-piece model.

  • Premium SL Hyper™ super-light alloy barrel with thinner wall design for maximum pop
  • One-piece design with VIBEX™ premium vibration-damping handle construction that reduces sting on mishits
  • All-new SPD™ Composite End Cap removes weight for increased swing speed 
  • Ultra-Balanced swing weight – our lightest swinging BBCOR model
  • Premium LS PRO Comfort Grip™ for the perfect mix of tack and cushion
  • Barrel Diameter 2 5/8 Inches
  • Series Solo
  • Certification BBCOR
  • Barrel Material Alloy
  • Model Year 2021
  • Weight Drop -3
  • Customizable Yes
Louisville WTLBBS621B3 BBCOR Solo 6 21 (-3)
Art. nr. 38012010