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Franklin Dr. Glove Conditioning & Relacing Kit

Art. nr. 30730001
€ 32,50

Franklin's Baseball Glove Conditioning and Relacing Kit is a perfect gift for the baseball aficionado in your family. Whether they're a coach, player or just love the game, this conditioning and replacing kit has everything they need to maintain or repair any fielding glove to optimal condition. The kit includes 3 rolls of rawhide lace, a leather punch, lacing tool, U-wire lacing needle, conditioning glove oil, a hand mitt, cleaning brush and convenient tote bag.

  • Three 6' rolls of rawhide lace
  • (1) leather pouch
  • (1) wooden handle leather punch
  • (1) wooden handle lacing tool
  • (1) U-wire lacing needle
  • 2 oz. Dr. Glove® conditioning glove oil
  • (1) hand mitt
  • (1) cleaning brush
  • (1) tote bag