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Gilman Hands-Free Shield

Art. nr. 54250032
€ 130,00

The Hands-Free Shield allows scout team defenders to take on blockers with their hands because the shield is worn not held. Frees players from having to hold the bag! Allows a free range of motion with arms and complete use of the hands. Provides a more realistic and full speed defensive reaction! Defenders can get into a stance, take on blocks with their hands or drop into pass coverage. The pad mirrors the width of the shoulders, the contour of the armpit and the narrow width of the chest. With this pad, you can teach hand placement and punch to the sternum or shoulders. Or work on shooting the hands to the armpits. Jersey numbers on the front of the pad create another landmark for hitting. The Hands-Free Shield is 3” thick. The pad is made from a high density foam that is lightweight and shock absorbent. Suit up is quick and easy. Adjustable web straps fasten around the neck and back to insure a snug fit. Quick release buckles allow the players to get in and out of the pads with little down time. Extra padding is built into the neck strap and chin guard for comfort and protection. Transport costs on request!