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GSI Performance L2 Wrap & Grip

Art. nr. 54258003

The Level 2 Wrap + Grip Bag is part of the ‘Gray Tackle System’ and can be used in isolation or as part of the full tackle system. This piece of equipment has been specifically designed to isolate accurate Level 2 body height, tackle accuracy and the immediate tackle follow-up technique of arm wrap, strong grip and head placement, body shape and finishing off the tackle in a dominant position.

  • The ‘grip bars’ that are placed around the bag make it more difficult to tackle. The players are encouraged to fight for strong hand placement on the bars once they have carried out the initial wrap. This then encourages the player to work accurately throughout the tackle from start to finish.
  • As a coach, get your player to approach the bag from different angles and speeds - do not always give the player a straight approach to the bag i.e. hit ground and up, hit ground and roll then back to feet, get the player to run a route or come off a block then make the hit… never make it easy!
  • As a coach, you can also carry the bag using the strap on top and run it into different positions thus creating a moving target for the tackler.
  • You can work on a straight tackle or fatigue the player first then carry out the tackle so that this puts the player’s skills under more pressure.
  • Make sure the player drops height from 6-10ft (2-3m) away from the bag, eyes on target - do not encourage a late drop. If you hit the low bag too high you will go over the top of the bag.
  • As a coach, make sure the player is entering the tackle at the correct height, inside foot up and inside shoulder making contact with the bag first. Within the tackle make sure the player’s head is correctly placed and is tight to the bag.
  • The player can add in a dynamic roll once the bag has been tackled, working core and arm strength. Always finish the tackle off - do not roll out of tackle before it is completed.
  • 1100mm (h) x 450mm (d). Weight 21kg
GSI Performance L2 Wrap & Grip
Art. nr. 54258003