Riddell 360 Helmets (XL)

Art. nr. 57190010
€ 249,00
  • Riddell® Concussion Reduction Technology
  • Advanced Frontal Protection informed by Riddell HITS™ Technology and advanced testing techniques 
  • Hinge clips strategically placed on the side of the helmet to help disperse energy from frontal impacts 
  • Enhanced frontal and mandible protection offers advanced energy attenuation to help reduce forces from side and frontal impacts 
  • Face mask flexes to reduce force transfer from frontal impacts 
  • Enhanced occipital Lock cradles the back of the head for fit, comfort and stability
  • Hexagonal Liner System uses energy managing materials, inflatable back/side liner and crown liner, removable, moisture-resistant, anti-microbial overliner - all working together to provide exceptional comfort and stability on the player's head 
  • All-points Quick Release cuts face mask removal time and allows for easy access to the player 
  • New lightweight face mask and shell technologies provide balance and comfort 
  • New aggressive shell with extreme detailing that includes oversized vent holes to allow more air to circulate around the player's head
  • Ships without the 360 decal shown on image

â–ºWatch Helmet Fitting Instructions

â–ºWatch Facemask Quick Release Instructions


Please Note: The helmet is sold without facemask and with a standard soft cup chinstrap.