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Douglas Destroyer DP 56Z

Art. nr. 58870011
€ 169,00

Fullbacks and linebackers have to do all the dirty work. Why not wear a pad that will go the extra inch with you like the Douglas DP 56Z Adult Football Shoulder Pads - Multi-Position? Douglas' most econmonically appealing pad, the Destroyer series has a 3/4" main body cushion and a cutaway shell. The design suits multi-position players well as it gives protections without limiting your performance. The pads are made with Douglas' flat, low-profile design which further increases mobility.

  • Dual layer of protection including 3/4" main body cushion
  • Flat, low profile pad designed to allow more speed and mobility
  • Made for multi-position players, ideal for fullbacks and linebackers
  • Gray plastic with black cushioning

FB - OL - DL