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Makura Toka Convertible Youth

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The Makura Toka Convertible is made with a super tough Shokbloker outer to provide superior protection, while Boil & Bite technology ensures a secure fit and uncompromised comfort. The Toka Convertible mouthguard is CE approved and certified. The Toka Convertible also comes with a strap that you can use to attach your mouthguard to your helmet. The strap is fully removable, so you can choose to wear your mouthguard with or without it. 

  • Designed for the age of 10 and under
  • Delivering a custom fit for maximum comfort
  • Absorbs and diffuses frontal and tranverse impact
  • Improves breathing while the jaw is closed
  • Raised areas on the underside prevent slipping while the jaw is closed

Click here to download the fitting instructions for the Makura Toka Convertible.

Makura Toka Convertible Youth
Art. nr. 57981002