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Makura Ignis Convertible Youth

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The Ignis combines a super tough Shokbloker outer and a Gelform liner to deliver the ultimate protection and a comfortable fit. The Boil & Bite fit provides a perfec fit for maximum comfort. Makura's Ignis is CE certified and has Level 2 Impact Resistance. The Ignis Convertable comes with a strap you can use to attach your mouthguard to your helmet. The strap is fully removable, so you can choose to wear your mouthguard with, or without it. 

  • Boil & Bite - Delivering a custom fit for maximum comfort
  • Gelform Liner - Softened gel creates a precise mould of the teeth for a secure fit
  • Airthru Channel - Improves breathing while the jaw is closed 
  • Shokbloker Outer - Absorbs and diffuses frontal and tranverse impact
  • Slipsafe Pads - Raised areas on the underside prevent slipping while the jaw is closed
  • Junior size is designed for the age of 10 and under

Click here to download the fitting instructions for the Makura Ignis Convertible.

Makura Ignis Convertible Youth
Art. nr. 57981003