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McDavid Skully

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The McDavid Skull Cap is designed with draw perspiration away from your skin to keep you cooler in hot environments. The product uses McDavid's advanced HydroVent application which draws perspiration across the material faster than competitor's brands for more efficient evaporation. It's styling makes a powerful statement and delivers premium performance. The McDavid Skull Cap provides more effective heat management under your helmet. It's made out of nylon/spandex for a one size fits all design and is a favorite with both college and professional players who need their head to stay cool during 2-day practices and games. The McDavid Skull Cap is made in the USA for the highest quality!

  • Supports your return to activity and enhance performance
  • Made using the highest quality and most innovative technology and materials
  • Skull cap to reduce abrasions and help keep sweat out of your eyes
  • Hydravent Moisture Management Technology keeps athlete cool and dry
  • 80%nylon/20% spandex
  • One size
McDavid Skully
Art. nr. 52750005