American Football Helmet Liners - Padding Inserts for Riddell Rawlings

The protective properties of a football helmet only begin at the outer shell. Liners protect a player’s back, neck, side, crown, cradle and occipital. Manufacturers constantly develop new football helmet padding systems. These ensure safe and comfortable games and trainings for players. Every brand has their own solution of inflatable, non-inflatable, cloth covered, overlined football helmet padding inserts.

Choosing the right football helmet accessories can make a helmet safer and more comfortable to wear. Please note that when it comes to liners it is almost impossible to use parts from other brands. To make sure to choose the right liner stick to the original football helmet inserts from the same manufacturer.

Most forms of helmet padding are inflatable today. This allows players to get the perfect amount of air in, ensuring a tight and comfortable fit. Please make sure to use the right helmet pump or inflation tool or inflator pump. Needles that are too long van punctuate the liner. Always use a dedicated pump like this one.