Riddell S2BDC-LW-V (94910LW-V)

Art. nr. 57190714
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All facemasks come WITHOUT a hardware set

360-series facemasks only fit the Riddell 360 Helmet

S-series facemasks only fit the Riddell Speed Helmet

G-series facemasks only fit the Riddell Revolution and Attack Helmets. G-series Small facemasks only fit Riddell Helmets in size small

Rawlings S02 and P03 facvemask fit the Rawlings Quantum and the Rawlings Impulse helmets.

Z-series facemasks and all other facemasks fit the Rawlings Quantum Helmet, The Riddell VSR-4 and VSR-2Y, the Adams Y4, A4, A2010, A2000 and A3000 helmets

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Recommended for Linebackers & Fullbacks.

  • Designed to be compatible with Riddell's Quick Release technology.
  • Specific models built with light weight tubular steel.
  • Meets NOCSAE standards.
  • Product is sold without hardware set

This item fits the Riddel Speed Helmet, Riddell Victor-I Youth Helmet, Speed Classic Youth Helmet and Riddell Foundation Helmet with the S-Bar QR kit, the S-Bar Solid Wire kit or the LW S-Bar kit.

This item fits the Riddell Speed Icon Helmet with the S-Bar HS4 kit.

Riddell S2BDC-LW-V (94910LW-V)
Art. nr. 57190714