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Xenith X2E+ Helmet

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X2E+ Varsity is one of the lightest helmets that is Top-Performing on the 2020 NFL Helmet Test and 5-star rated by Virginia Tech. All Xenith helmets feature their patented Adaptive Fit System proividing a custom fit every time you put on the helmet and providing coaches and equipment managers with an ease of fit and transferability year after year.

  • Proven NFL-Level Protection: The X2E+ varsity football helmet has been in the Top-Performing group of the NFL Helmet Test and 5-Star rated by Virginia Tech every year since 2014.
  • Better Onfield Agility: X2E+ is one of the lightest helmets that still offers top-performance, 5-star protection
  • Custom Fit For You: The Internal Shock Matrix inside Xentih helmets conforms to the head for a unique and comfortable fit.
  • Linear Impact Reduction: Single Stage Shocks are their original energy control technology. Air filled shock adapts to the elvel of force applief to provide optimal protection from a wide range of hits.
  • Rotational Force Reduction: The Internal Shock Matrix moves with your head, not the hit. The system separates the head from the shell to redirect and reduce rotational force.
  • Comfort Padding: Dual density comfort pad. Low-density foam is soft and comfortable against the head, while vinyl-nitrile layer provides maximum protection.

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Xenith X2E+ Helmet
Art. nr. 57150001