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Schutt Vengeance Elite DCT MF Helmets - Size S

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  • Elite-level impact protection at an incredible value
  • Combines the next-generation innovative protection of Dual Compression TPU (DCT) cushioning with traditional vinyl nitrile padding
  • Specially designed Hybrid Padding System strategically places DCT in key hitting areas (front, crown, and back) with traditional padding on the sides
  • Dual Compression TPU (DCT)
  • The evolution of Schutt's innovative Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) cushioning system delivers enhanced impact absorption for every type of impact
  • Two types of TPU cushioning work together to enhance protection and reduce concussions
  • Outer layer of stiffer, harder TPU is positioned against the shell
  • Specially designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy from violent, high-force collisions and hits
  • Inner layer of softer TPU is positioned against the helmet liner
  • Designed to absorb more impact force caused by those frequent, softer, low-impact hits during the game
  • Mechanical attachments stabilize the TPU in standard positions along the back, crown, and front, preventing the cushions from moving and shifting, and allowing for thicker pieces of TPU
  • Consistent TPU performance in game-like conditions
  • Better impact absorption, heat management, and hygienics than traditional foam
  • Never breaks down even after thousands of impacts
  • Mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria resistant
  • Comfort Liner
  • Non-inflatable liner system
  • Strategically placed high-impact foam inside the helmet liner adds a third layer of protection in the front and crown, critical and vulnerable hitting areas
  • High Powered Shell Design
  • Combines the best qualities from the famous ION 4D and AiR XP helmets
  • Large offset for greater impact absorption
  • Mohawk shell design increases the offset in high impact areas along the profile of the helmet
  • Patented Flexural Resistance Shelf dramatically increases the strength and energy absorption of the back area
  • Delivers a vastly superior fit for a variety of different shape heads
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Twist-Release System uses a two-piece faceguard retainer that eliminates the classic loop strap system, and allows you to quickly and easily twist and remove the facemask in case of emergency
  • Twist-Release System can be easily removed to reveal a traditional bumper, for attaching loop straps and using an Eye Shield / Visor

Elite-version features a hardcup chinstrap and Quarter Turn Release facemask attachment

  • Click here to browse the face masks that fit the Schutt Vengeance Elite DCT MF Helmet.

The 'MF' designation indicates that the cushioning system is 'mechanically fastened' to the shell.  This replaces the hook and loop attachment system and keeps the pad securely in place.  

*The helmet is sold without facemask

Schutt Vengeance Elite DCT MF Helmets - Size S
Art. nr. 57200054