Rawlings QUANTUM Helmets (XL)

Art. nr. 57030002
€ 99.00




Be quick, final batch!

Constructed with an unique protection system of communicating channels that dissipates impact force, the new Rawlings NRG Quantum helmet answers protective needs and exceeds performance expectations with a customized fit for players of all skill levels and positions.

  • Durable surlyn facemask clips
  • High-impact performance polycarbonate shell
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Facemask not included.

On this helmet, the following facemasks series are suited.
- Rawlings PO-Series
- Rawlings SO-Series
- Adams face masks
- Riddell Z-Series

Click here to browse the face masks that fit the Rawlings Quantum XL Helmet.

Please note: When fitting a SO-series facemask or a PO-series facemask, hardware set is included. When fitting an Adams facemask, an additional hardware set is needed. Click here to find the right hardware set for Rawlings Z-Series facemasks.

Click here to find the right hardware set for Riddell Z-Series facemasks.

PLEASE NOTE: Facemasks from Rawlings with XL in the name, only fit Rawlings Helmets in size XL. 

Rawlings QUANTUM Helmets (XL)
Art. nr. 57030002