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Porta Phone EFB-3 Wireless Headsets System - Single Channel

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Porta Phone EFB 3 Wireless Football Com, 3 Coaches

Porta Phone EVADE wireless, “The Winning Edge” for European / American Football Programs
The Porta Phone Company is the leading supplier of football coach headsets throughout the USA and Canada. Porta Phone EVADE wireless systems are designed specifically for football Europe, they are engineered to perfection, built with precision and excel in performance. These affordable self-contained, "All in One" headsets feature a radio built into the earcups eliminating wires and belt pack radios. They operate without a base station allowing coaches to call the game either from the sideline or press box.

All EVADE systems work in Full Duplex which means that your staff can communicate simultaneously, without pushing buttons. They feature a wireless protocol known as Frequency Hopping and automatically switch or “Hop” to clear channels whenever necessary to avoid interference. EVADE Series also include Porta Phone’s Auto Mute Boom. This special microphone automatically cuts off the coaches signal when set to the “UP” position.

EVADE wireless are offered in two popular series. Single Channel systems preferred by coaches that require an open line conference. The Double Channel EVADE are designed for larger programs that have offensive and defensive staffs that need to talk separately. The Head Coach can switch from Offernse to Defense. Since they are field programmable you can add headsets or change the talking pattern of existing EVADE systems without factory retuning.

  • Radio installed inside the ear cup, no wires or belt packs
  • Comfortable / deluxe padding
  • Lightweight Headsets weigh only 12 oz.
  • No base station or remote antenna means all coaches totally mobile
  • Microphone swivels 270 degrees, can be worn on either ear
  • Mic signal shuts off automatically when boom is set straight up
  • Rechargeable Lithium batteries and multi charger (included)
  • Storage / Travel case included


  • Frequency Range - 2407MHz-2475MHz
  • Data Rate - 1MBPS
  • Bandwidth - 150KHz
  • Channel Spacing - 1MHz
  • Modulation Type - GFSK
  • Gain of Antenna - 0db
  • Duplexing - Time Division Duplex (TDD)
  • Speech Encoding - ADPCM/16kbit/s
  • RF Accessing - Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
  • Power Supply - Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery @ 3.7v/1000mAH
  • RF Output Power - 80mw
  • Operating Temperature - 0 – +50º C
  • Operating Relative Humidity Range - 30% – 90%
  • Operation Current - 110mA
  • Operation Time - 8h
  • Range - 350m (open field)
  • No FCC License Required

Item Includes 

  • 2 EVADE EVx S - Single Ear Wireless Headsets
  • 1 EVADE EVx D - Dual Ear Wireless Headset
  • All System Batteries
  • Multi-Port Charger
  • Soft Sided Case
Porta Phone EFB-3 Wireless Headsets System - Single Channel
Art. nr. 54260002