Wilson WTF1003BLID NCAA 1003 Prestige Lite

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The Wilson GST American Football ball is the preferred ball of over 180 NCAA programs and 38 high school American Football state associations. The GST is the only American Football ball to offer patentedsewn onstripes and ACL composite leather laces. Combined with exclusive Wilson GST leather, the GST offers one of a kind game saving technology. Wilson is the #1 name in American Football and offers the best selling game American Football ball in the country, the Wilson GST.

  • GST is the softest leather American Football ball on the market, with a unique feel and distinct light brown color. The ball is also easier to control thanks to a high level of tack.
  • Patented sewn-on stripes are composite material instead of paint, and provide 82% more grip to aid release for more accurate throws. 
  • Patented Accurate Control Lacing (ACL), which is pebbled instead of smooth, provides 174% more grip in all conditions.                               
  • The same skilled hands that sew every NFL leather American Football ball also make every leather GST. This exceptional craftsmanship results in unmatched quality control.       
  • The perfect matchday American Football ball.          
  • Handmade in the USA by craftsmen and women in Ada, OH
  • Colour: Brown
Wilson WTF1003BLID NCAA 1003 Prestige Lite
Art. nr. 53040123